Water Festival in Adalaj, Ahmedabad

There is a perfect setting for each occasion, especially celebrations. But what if the celebration is of our heritage, our culture and us. Is there a perfect setting for it?

Credit TOI

Photo Credit TOI








We surely believe so after attending the Water Festival, the third installment of the heritage festival organized by the Crrafts of Art organization. We missed the first two at the Bhadra fort and Sarkhej Roza respectively and going by our experience at the water festival and the word of mouth generated, it was definitely an event missed.

With performances by world famous luminaries and Indian legends like Louiz Banks (keyboard), Gino Banks (drums), Sanjay Divecha (guitar), Sheldon D’Silva (bass), Varun Venkit and troupe (djembe) and Ustad Fazal Qureshi (tabla) it was indeed a night to remember.

Credit TOI

Photo Credit TOI

The beautiful Adalaj ni Vav – the stepwell of Adalaj, all decked up for the event presented a beautiful backdrop for the event. It was both unsettling and pleasing to see many people “Ooh-aah-ing” after seeing it for the first time. Unsettling because, inspite of being a heritage monument, there were so many even amongst the culturally aware who were visiting it for the first time, and pleasing because, now they would go back and bring even more people to visit this architectural wonder which deserves to be known.


The weather that night was pleasantly perfect it was nice to see the artists obliging the crowd with a special last song dedication to their shouts of an encore.


Truly a night to witness, remember and relive. It also helped that it was my better half’s birthday. As mentioned before, every occasion has a perfect setting, we might have just found one for her birthday!



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