What to pack – A His and Her story



  1. Smart Phone: A guy’s answer to everything. It has books to read, music to play, can answer questions, take pics, play games and can act as a mirror to his partner, what more does a man need. And yes it makes emergency calls too should you be stuck somewhere
  2. A game: It could be as simple as a deck of playing cards but we would suggest something fancier like Hive, Fluxx, Munchkin or good old UNO. It can be a lifesaver while stuck somewhere like an airport lobby or indoors during sudden rains. It can also help make friends of strangers in an unknown city.
  3. Notepad & Pen: You might need it for something as simple as keeping expense records and as complex as leaving behind a help me note while getting kidnapped. You’ll probably use it to scribble doodles when bored, but you never know.
  4. A comb: This little instrument has the power to make your break your memories. Don’t lose a photo op to a sudden wind, bad hair days and plain bad luck because of the unavailability of this tiny but important instrument. If you’re traveling as a couple you would always do well to carry your own which helps establish your forward thinking, maturity and lessen the dependence on her for every small thing. In other words, you’re screwed if you don’t carry one.
  5. Credit card: This is important mind you because unavailability of change at a crucial juncture, read shopping, can cause utmost grief for the remainder of the trip and probably beyond. This would have a lot to do with missed opportunities, lost memories and whining cousins back home as well.


  1. Makeup: It is impossible to imagine going on a trip without them. It could be as innocuous as a lip balm but necessary nevertheless. Photoshop can help enhance your pics, but why take the risk
  2. Camera: Though it would fit better within the guys list, its real place is here because of the end usage. The girl needs to be clicked, with or without her partner. If God forbid something happens to the camera, the guy has better be in a position to arrange for a backup else his trip ends there and then itself.
  3. Four types of purses: One to take shopping, one for a hike, one for parties and one as a spare. Purses/wallets/bags/clutches or whatever other form you prefer are made for specific occasions and serves its purpose well. The different types of shoes also merit a place here, though it makes for another post.
  4. Sunscreen: It’s always safe to carry one along. You never know when you might be expected to rough it up a bit in the strong summer sun and end up getting over tanned.
  5. Sunglasses: They are chic, always in fashion, a good accessory as well as utility item. Very helpful if you wish to sleep through a boring tour talk and makes for amazing selfies. Needless to say some people also use to shield their eyes when they go out in the sun.

Some things however are more universal.

  1. Chargers/Powerbanks: Because batteries don’t last and you need the phone for almost everything
  2. Chocolates/Munchies: No trip is fun without your favourite munchies to go with. Chocolates are amazing relaxants and can become lifesavers for stressful trips
  3. Gum/Altoids: Eating out requires chewing gum to double up as a mouth freshener, Altoids are just plain awesome.
  4. Folding Backpack: It has served us well both while travelling solo as well as a couple. It is highly convenient, does not look out of place and holds everything we need for a long day of travelling.

This is our opinion, but we’ve found it to be a Work in Progress, always changing with tips, suggestions and first hand experiences. So feel free to drop in a tip which has worked for you


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