Where: Mauritius

Trip Duration : 4 Days

Destination Theme: Romantic

What to do:

1. Adventure Sports – Para-sailing, Undersea Walk, Hispeed-Tubing, Scuba Diving

2. Island Hopping

3. Racecourse (You may place small bets on your pick)

4. Casela Nature Park or similar for a walk with wild Animals (Must do for Kids)


3 responses to “Mauritius

  1. You visited my blog and left an above average comment, so i thought i’d return the favour! Thanks for the tips on Mauritius, i plan on travelling around the world in a few years so i’m going to listen to any advice i can get. Where’s the next destination for you?

    • We visited South Africa shortly after my Mauritius trip. The Big Jump is one of the things we did there. The next destination is however a mystery to me as well, do let us know if you have some recommendations in mind.

      • In Africa? I’ve never been to Africa, however a friend of mine went to Tanzania and Zanzibar for a couple of months and couldn’t speak more highly of the place. Other than that you can’t go wrong with India or South East Asia. Let me know if you are ever in Chiang Mai (northern Thailand)

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